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Before you take a dive right into the modeling program, ask yourself this critical questions, What is the best practical program am I  require to use? Am I eager of learning the new tricks? What about program compatibility? What about the presentation format...??

As of 2022 and on counting, the market has tons of modeling software. From the most complicated platform ranking down to the the most simplicity web-based limited lite version. you name it. It exists out there somewhere. The most important factor is the HOW TO apply the knowledge based from the software to your project.

Here are some impeccable shortlists for the 3D Modeling software for you to choose from. Remember... the power is all in your hand...

seo_cad logo.png

AutoCAD 2D/3D

AutoCAD by Autodesk is a veteran drafting program existing on the market for almost 40 years. The computer-assistant design software takes its fair share in our daily infrastructure lives. It's been a famous choice among veteran architects, students, professional in the design district market. In addition to the 2D and 3D application, Autodesk file are created to be compatible with other applications in the design arenas to better assist in team collaboration. It is why ADSK P/E  has a solid performance and steady cashflow due to shift to cloud based subscription that most software company is gearing toward. AutoCAD offers both perpetual license and yearly subscription options for their users. Moreover, the company also offer high discount for the Lite and as well as student version. 


3Ds Max

3Ds Max is one of Autodesk graphic modeling application. It been know to created a high quality animation and attained tons of realistic rendering features that offer a realistic approach to the project. Of course, these features is indeed attached an additional price tag to the program, but it is worth it to add on your rendering caliber. It is a famous design design program for 3D professional in different industries. The ability to convert, import and export is highly recognized among designers worldwide. 

Modern Kitchen
seo_sketch logo.jpg


It's a Bird.. It's a Plane... It's SketchUp. Google knew exactly how to position its 3D application to the market. The pro side of SketchUp is free. Yes, it is free but for the reality side effect of course it does take some fee. However, the ease of operating the program is mainly an attraction for newcomers. SketchUp file speaks the same language as other 3D modeling file making it easier for users to coordinate within and cross function team. The user graphic interface is compactible docked within reach of command making it an essential program to start building 3D. SketchUp also provide a large selection of 3D blocks to accommodate the user. Great job google.

seo_rhinocero 3d.jpeg

Rhinoceros 3D

Another useful 3D application platform from Autodesk. The niche market of this platform is that it based on NURBS mathematical model, which enable the program to represent curvature and freeform surface freely. The rendering process somehow need an advance set up with and additional add on price tag application.


Rhino is aiming toward industrial design arenas for product design, automotive, and jewelry industries can highly profit from this program. However, with the robust ready to take off platform it is quite a choice for architectural design as well.

seo_revit logo.jpg

Autodesk Revit

Revit has been around in the industry in the 2000 aiming to give a revolution in the design industry.. (we all familiar with those revisionssssss...etc...) Revit is a BIM software development that helps coordinate cross functional teams: architecture, engineering, construction, and interior design. Very thoughtful software development progress. 

The software is capable of a multiple dimension robust drawing system integrated into the platform. Revit enable the revision drawing in one sync, updating changes with associate drawings quite appealing for workflow schedule. Mo

Check out the link here to run your project more efficiently. Autodesk gives discount to student membership. In additional multiple learning platforms provide Revit tutorial videos please check out the link for your training purpose.

Plug-in for 3D

Let me explain the Plug-in for 3D in plain English. It compares similarly to cosmetic procedure enhancing the materials, perception, lighting, shadow, texture mapping integration, and many more elements in order to apply the realistic photolike image for your model objects.

Several handful of plug-in is available on the 3D market such as Vray, Maxwell, Lumion, grasshopper, and the list go on... My personal experience is Vray and Lumion. That will be my short-list subjects here.


VRay for variety of program



Trinity Animation and Chaos groups have teamed up creating an add-on software as rendering plug-in application. The software has been developed for several modeling programs; SketchUp, rhino, Maya, etc. for several development iteration cycles following the program version. The program integration enable user to adjust ton of options when it comes to material edition giving the realistic output.

Vray material setting is somehow considered fitting in the intermediate level of knowledge base. You need prior training of software tutorials to perform an adequate scencenatic setting. However the output is quite stunning given the time that the program takes to produce the media output. 

Please check out the link below to download your free trial and play with the program. if you're satisfied with the software, program also offers a bundle package that will work with both Rhino and SketchUp for as low as $1695 hands down definitely worth it.


Outstanding rendering plugin development, it's an evolution tool for designers to capture their design story. Program highly developed in enhancing the exterior environment. Lumion creates detailed texture in a split second. The lighting automation set up the scene allowing the user experience beautiful architecture curvature structure view. 

Pre select set of camera view is designed perfectly for automation in process, creating a effective combust workflow down the line of work break down structure for technician convenience. A powerful video rendering integration is also clearly describe its quality software.

The setup of importing the model via associate common uses software provides a variety of target audience to use such a powerful rendering plug-in application. With easily understanding user graphic interface, promptly promotes the user to quickly adjust the value property to a correct setting. By far, it is considered to be very desirable for designers and many other creative industries.

The plug-in program comes with the price tag of € 1499 very worth its quality and capability of your design workflow. Check out website and download a free trial here and let me know if like it. 



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