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Ultimate hybrid choices for Designer Chief Architect + 2020 Design

Chief Architect is a robust design program that generates three dimensional space visualization while producing a detailed construction drawing set for builders.

Program is packed with pre-catalog for you to download the 3D blocks, making it a lot easier to present and sell your design idea. From start to finish, construction drawing, elevation, section, window and door schedule, and material cost table estimation.


The Program User interface is very ease to understand comparing to other 3D program on the market. The ability to recognize the universal AutoCad file and essential reference PDF make the program a top choice for selling the interior project for client. The rendering quality is considered good for a presentation, The program enable designer to apply varieties of material in the library, in turn, designer get to explore material selection with clients quickly as well.

Chief Architect generates a fraction of time in the rendering process making it an ideal choice for designers to gather all the necessary information into a presentation in a tight schedule.

The software include one year of support and software at your assurance (SSA) You need to get the SSA account later on in order to download the catalog 3D library for $625/yearly. Explore further more with the link and download your free trial to practice today


There are lots of Chief Architect tutorial on many only learning platform. This powerful hybrid program is suitable for all range of designers, newbie to veteran. The program offers many resource learning video on their websites as well. You can simply type the task you want to learn in the search field. Or use the training video on the User Center drop down menu.

And Yes, Chief is compatible with the VR headset so those hi-tech designer... shout out for you to check the Quest 2 OCULUS link at


Before you run off and get the VR set please make sure that your computer meets the system requirements in order to use the VR. The device is set on Sale for $299. Enjoy your reality design, and impress your client!


2020 Design program is widely enterprises incorporated aiming to collaborate the design to align with the manufacturing preset catalog. It is a great solution helping designers to explore varieties of product as well as integrated item list pricing, making it a solid stepping stone to capture client's impression, presenting design layout and 3D with pricing accordingly in a short time span.

The flexibility in switching product selection and update pricing list quickly is an ideal core value of the program. In addition to the ultimate designing tool, 2020 is capable of uploading custom material and applying to the surface to stimulate the scene and expanding the sales channel for other design material as well.


The automated program consists of the largest selection of selected Manufacturer’s catalogs. The 2020 Design also offers web based interior design solutions, 2020 Design Live, which is adopted throughout the brick and mortar kitchen store, Fusion for the European market, and much more.

The program enables the collaboration of sharing the design in progress; designers can easily create the rendering link and send it to the customer in real time to review for revision. The product catalog is being updated yearly and sync automatically into the program for the end user to update pricing from the manufacturers.


Only Fusion version is supporting VR solution for 2020, HTC Vive Cosmos. The product is $699 The computer requirement must meet the standard to accommodate with the VR software. Please check the add-on devices you may need to purchase in addition to the VR headset.

VR for 3D
Google Cardboard

Another alternative choice for designer is 360 Panoramas, which you can upload the 3D panoramic view link for your clients and they can open the file in web browsers and able to pan the screen in 360 degree or use Google cardboard for $15 on amazon fit for budget designer out there. Hey... Enjoy the show either way!

Click here for Panoramas 3D link sample in the lenses of Google Cardboard



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